Prezi vs Powerpoint

Hello. You probably think why prezi is better or why powerpoint is better. Here is a little list of prezi and powerpoint pros and cons. Powerpoint. Pros It is extremely user friendly. Chances are you had plenty of practice with Microsoft PowerPoint throughout your years of school. It comes with pre-made slide layouts that allow […]

How to get transparent colors in prezi?

Hello it’s been quite while now since we last wrote here, it’s been fast times for us. So we thought about a tutorial for our readers. So how can you  change the colors in prezi and get them transparent? So how to add colors its quite simple. Press customize button and then press advance (advance screen picture […]


Hello world this is Preziworld speaking. You might think who we are? We are a small group of designers from Estonia. And this is our prezi templates site where you can buy premade templates and also we have free prezi templates for different topics. At the moment we have over 30 premade prezi templates on [...]